Cinque Terre

If there is one place I can urge anyone to visit it would be Cinque Terre, on the coast of the Italian Riviera. The hubby and I did a road trip through Europe and the memories we made here will last us a lifetime.

After doing some research we decided to stay in Corniglia, one of the five seaside villages of Cinque Terre. The drive was breathtaking, there were ancient vineyards on the steep landscape, beautiful poppy fields and luscious greenery. However, we quite literally had our breath taken away, as it was the scariest drive we had ever been on. Not only was it a narrow road, but it was ridiculously windy. One wrong move and we would have been at the bottom of the cliff.

Corniglia (more…)

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All about presentation…

appetizer_displayI’m sure you’ve all heard the saying that you eat with your eyes first. My Mom and Oma have always held this to be true so it’s no wonder I have it in my blood. The visual presentation of your food can be as important as the taste. I’m sure many of you are thinking, well great. Not only do I have to be a good cook, but I have to make my food look nice as well. I’ve created these simple guidelines to be sure you dazzle your party guests.

My mom catered and put together this beautiful display for my cousins wedding, I thought it would be the perfect guide to use. (more…)

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