Red Curry Dragon Bowl

Red Curry Dragon BowlOne of my all time favorite things to order is the dragon bowl from Scotty Browns. So much flavor and absolutely delicious. I love creating new healthy dishes for our family ~ so after looking through dragon bowl inspiration, I came up with my own version.

For the base, use whatever you have in the pantry. I’d say my favorite is quinoa, but you can be creative and use any type of rice you have in the house. Rice noodles are also an option. I like to put the fresh cilantro, basil and peanuts in little glass bowls on the table. I love cilantro but hubby can’t stand it. Either people love it or hate it, so it’s nice to give the option. Also, we love eating our dragon bowl with naan bread, perfect for dipping in the extra sauce. Not quite as healthy but you just need a small piece. I buy ours at Trader Joes and keep it in the freezer for whenever we need it. Ps ~ You might think peanuts are an odd garnish, but they add the perfect crunch and taste delicious so don’t leave them out.Ingredients - Quartz CountertopIngredients Dragon Bowl

This recipe has become a favorite in our house. The colors, the flavor and the different textures come together perfectly. Super healthy and pure deliciousness. Basically, you can create your own dragon bowl with whatever you have in the house, there aren’t any rules. Choose your base (rice/quinoa), add some protein, veggies and sauce and voila a dragon bowl masterpiece has been created.

I’ve been asked by friends ~ Why don’t you put recipes on your blog? So here you go! Cooking is one of the things that brings me joy and I’m happy to share my first recipe with you. Since this is the first time I’m posting a recipe:
A. Leave a comment if you have a question or something doesn’t make sense.
B. If you make it ~ how did it turn out?
C. If you know how to make a recipe rich pin for Pinterest, talk to me!Red Curry Dragon Bowl


Everly’s Nursery

Baby Girl Nursery Baby Girl NurseryBaby Girl Nursery Baby Girl NurseryBaby Girl Nursery
Baby Girl Nursery Baby Girl NurseryBaby Girl NurseryBaby Girl Nursery Baby Girl Nursery Baby Girl NurseryBaby Girl NurseryBaby Girl NurseryEverly’s Nursery

Decorating Everly’s nursery was one of the easiest and most fun rooms to furnish. One of my favorite things to do is find old furniture and refinish it. Before our oldest daughter was born, I text my mom a picture of a dresser I was looking for, in hopes she could keep an out for me. Well literally that weekend I came over to find this one sitting in the garage. She had picked it up at a garage sale for $20. All it needed was a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk paint and it was good as new. Putting your own creative touch on pieces is a great way to make your home feel more homey.

I actually picked up the vintage frames at a garage sale and painted them to use at our wedding. Little did I know they’d end up in our nursery. Found the chandelier and shelf at a friends consignment store ~ $35 for the both of them.The wood crate for diapers was purchased at a vintage market. The hunt for a deal and finding hidden treasures is a little bit of a thrill for me. I know, I know…living life on the edge over here.

My reasoning is if I save on some things, I can splurge a little on others. Like Pottery Barn Kids… they have the most beautiful bedding and furniture. I could spend so much time browsing their store. Everything is timeless, darling and such great quality. This bedding was bought three years ago, before Lila was born and it still looks brand new. Another splurge was our rocking chair ~ late night feeds, snuggles and book reading just wouldn’t be complete without it.

Unicorns in little girls room, enough said. When Everly wakes up in the morning she lays in her crib sucking her susu and looks up at her unicorn pal. What baby does that? Seriously, she’s just the sweetest little girl. I have no clue how long she’s awake because she doesn’t make a peep. When I walk in to check on her, she gives me the brightest smile. What better way to start the day?

Last year I put together a complete list of What you Need to Buy Before Baby Arrives  ~ For any new readers who are preggers, it’s a must read.

Click on items below to view product sources. Let me know if there’s anything I missed.

Where to Find:

Crib – Discontinued – Similar One Here  // Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint for Change Table  // Crib Bedding // Crib Skirt  // Unicorn Stuffed Animal  // Unicorn Wall Decor  // Picture Frame // Diaper Geenie // Rocking Chair // Gold Wire Basket  // Change Pad Cover  // Double Curtain Rod // White Curtains  // Lace Curtains // Wire Laundry Bin  // Vase with Flowers // Purple Headband // Pink Headband


Classic White Bathroom 

I’ve been really excited to share photos of our home. Our master bathroom is one of the few rooms in our house that’s 100% finished. I always knew having a white bathroom was something I wanted. It’s simple, timeless, fresh and clean. What better for a bathroom than that? The chrome fixtures give it the perfect amount of sparkle.
white bathroom white bathroom sconce white bathroom white bathroom chrome

Our shower was one of the most surprising features in our home. Sure I chose the stone and tile, but I hadn’t fully envisioned how beautiful it would turn out until I saw it for the first time. I simply love stepping into the shower at night. After running after the kids all day and sometimes feeling like cinderella cleaning up after them ~  it’s mamas mini getaway. The stone floor and glass door gives it a spa like feel. You can’t help but feel calm and relaxed. glass shower doorgrey tile showerstone floor showerWhat better time to throw in a little plug about my new favorite Beautycounter products. The charcoal mask was the very first thing I tried, which had me sold. You leave it on your skin for 10 minutes and it’s equivalent to a spa grade facial. It’s made with clay and charcoal, which gently exfoliates and draws out impurities. When the mask is on your face, you can see every single pore and it actually refines them and increases elasticity. Not to mention it makes your face ridiculously soft.

I’ve been using the essential face collection for two months now and I’ve never had my skin look so good or be so free of blemishes. The exfoliator, cleanser, moisturizer and nourishing eye cream are perfect for any skin type.

face collection beauty counterThis lipstick (color – twig) is beautiful and made with real vanilla beans. A lot of lipsticks have toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde…eww…I know! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I love using Beautycounter lipstick knowing I’m not eating toxins.

lipstick beauty counter Love all of the Beautycounter products I’ve tried and the peace of mind I have while using them. If you’re interested feel free to browse my personal Beautycounter website. I’d love to do a party for you or answer any questions you have about the products.

Product Sources:

Vinyl Tile Floor // Vanity // Faucets  // Mirrors // Sconces // Rainwater Shower Head // Shower Head and Valves // Shower Tile and Stone Floor – Lynden Interiors (We went through Lynden Interiors for various materials and let me say they’re amazing. Ginger Spence is a joy to work with and made the process go so easy. She seemed to know exactly what we wanted. We did shop around to make sure we were getting the best pricing. If we found products cheaper elsewhere, they matched the price for us. Building a home is stressful enough, so to have people who make the process easier on you is phenomenal. We would highly recommend them.)


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