Classic White Bathroom 

I’ve been really excited to share photos of our home. Our master bathroom is one of the few rooms in our house that’s 100% finished. I always knew having a white bathroom was something I wanted. It’s simple, timeless, fresh and clean. What better for a bathroom than that? The chrome fixtures give it the perfect amount of sparkle.
white bathroom white bathroom sconce white bathroom white bathroom chrome

Our shower was one of the most surprising features in our home. Sure I chose the stone and tile, but I hadn’t fully envisioned how beautiful it would turn out until I saw it for the first time. I simply love stepping into the shower at night. After running after the kids all day and sometimes feeling like cinderella cleaning up after them ~  it’s mamas mini getaway. The stone floor and glass door gives it a spa like feel. You can’t help but feel calm and relaxed. glass shower doorgrey tile showerstone floor showerWhat better time to throw in a little plug about my new favorite Beautycounter products. The charcoal mask was the very first thing I tried, which had me sold. You leave it on your skin for 10 minutes and it’s equivalent to a spa grade facial. It’s made with clay and charcoal, which gently exfoliates and draws out impurities. When the mask is on your face, you can see every single pore and it actually refines them and increases elasticity. Not to mention it makes your face ridiculously soft.

I’ve been using the essential face collection for two months now and I’ve never had my skin look so good or be so free of blemishes. The exfoliator, cleanser, moisturizer and nourishing eye cream are perfect for any skin type.

face collection beauty counterThis lipstick (color – twig) is beautiful and made with real vanilla beans. A lot of lipsticks have toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde…eww…I know! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I love using Beautycounter lipstick knowing I’m not eating toxins.

lipstick beauty counter Love all of the Beautycounter products I’ve tried and the peace of mind I have while using them. If you’re interested feel free to browse my personal Beautycounter website. I’d love to do a party for you or answer any questions you have about the products.

Product Sources:

Vinyl Tile Floor // Vanity // Faucets  // Mirrors // Sconces // Rainwater Shower Head // Shower Head and Valves // Shower Tile and Stone Floor – Lynden Interiors (We went through Lynden Interiors for various materials and let me say they’re amazing. Ginger Spence is a joy to work with and made the process go so easy. She seemed to know exactly what we wanted. We did shop around to make sure we were getting the best pricing. If we found products cheaper elsewhere, they matched the price for us. Building a home is stressful enough, so to have people who make the process easier on you is phenomenal. We would highly recommend them.)


Home Builders Guide 5

Things You Should Know ~ From one Home Builders Widow to the Next
If you decide to self-contract your home, be prepared to not have a husband for six months. After taking care of a newborn and toddler all day, it was a breath of fresh air when Mark walked in the door. Not only to have help with kiddos, bed-time and clean-up but to have much needed adult conversation. I’d say not having him around for these little things was the hardest. The only thing that got me through it was realizing we’d soon be cozied by the fire together as a family in our OWN HOUSE. Here’s a few photos doing just that.

Christmaschristmas treeOver the past few months I’ve explained what’s involved in the home building process, but here’s a few things to get you mentally prepared:

While building your house it’s good to keep re-sale in mind. Chances are this isn’t your forever home and when it comes time to sell ~ will the buyer like the same things you do? We thought we’d sell in a few years and build all over again, but we’ve fallen in love with our home and don’t want to go anywhere anytime soon.

Constant Updates
If you live close to your property your husband will want constant updates. Ok maybe not constant, but sometimes it will feel that way. We lived next door so Mark would want me to go outside and see what was going on. Take a video of the process. Is the electrician working right now? Have the HVAC guys finished for the day? Can you bring them something to drink? It would be nice if you baked some cookies for the guys. The building inspector is coming, can you put out the permits? etc…. Totally fine, except he always seemed to ask when it was raining, I had my jam jams on still or just sat down.

Brownie Points
Go over and clean the house, sweep or vacuum. Your husband will love you even more. Bring workers refreshments, something cold to drink on a hot day…lunch on Saturdays. Treat them nice and they will want to do a good job for you.

Learn the Lingo
I thought I’d put together a list of construction terms, until I realized there were hundreds upon hundreds. So I decided to scratch that thought and just copy this link. Ladies ~ have a read. Your husbands will think you’re brilliant.

Complete before Move-In
Mark and I had so many people tell us to make sure everything was finished before we moved in. We wanted to be in before Christmas so we didn’t listen. I can definitely see why people say that, but so far it hasn’t been so bad. We still have closets to finish, doors to install, the kitchen backsplash, fireplace tile, pantry and laundry room shelving… but hey it will get done soon. We are both not ones to leave projects unfinished or procrastinate so I’m not worried. If this isn’t the case for you then yes, get it done before you move in.

Comment with questions and for those who have gone through the process ~ What’s some advice that I’ve missed?


Home Builders Guide 4

By now your exterior finishes are coming along. You’ll have garage doors, as well as an exterior front door and garage man door. If you chose stone or brick it will be installed towards the end of construction, before landscaping. The front porch and patio will be completed and drive-way installed. Don’t forget about exterior light fixtures. All of these components play a big part in the over-all look of your house so take the time to choose your products.

fireplace built in shelvingInterior Finishes
Think everything from interior doors, window sills, moldings, baseboards, stair balusters, stair railings, mantels, door handles…etc… For us this was the busiest because Mark did most of the finishes himself. Quick pause for a hubby brag ~ Mark is seriously amazing. He was the contractor/builder for our home, while working his full time job. His handiwork is phenomenal and not once did he show he was stressed. I admire him, love him beyond measure and feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be his wife. Ok bragging over. 🙂

Cabinet Installation
We had custom cabinets installed in our kitchen and living room. It’s important to be very specific with what you want. Show pictures, have face-to-face meetings and really go over every detail of the mock-up. Think about what type of material you want your cabinets made of. Do you want self closing doors? What kind of door hardware do you want? What do you want your faucet to look like? Where are you going to put your microwave, mixer, blender, coffee maker..etc?

Bathroom Vanities – We found buying our own vanities were more cost effective than having custom built ins made. Ours were purchased from Costco online and Restoration Hardware.

Countertop Installation – Do your research when choosing countertops. Quartz, marble, granite, laminate or cement are the main choices. We chose quartz because of the look and durability we were after.

custom kitchenPlumbing
Sink, toilet and faucet installation comes next. We purchased our own faucets for the entire house from Amazon and Buyers Market. Honestly it took a lot of searching, mostly because I was very particular about what I wanted. It’s not as easy as just choosing one, be sure the faucets in your bathroom will look good with your flooring, vanity, mirrors and bathroom fixtures. You can pay anywhere from $30 to $1,500 on fixtures, so they’re something you want to shop around for.

Mechanical Trims
Registers and final HVAC equipment is completed. The outlets and switches are put in and the electrical panel is finished off. Having our light fixtures installed was definitely one of my favorite steps. I had the best time shopping for our lighting and am so happy with what we ended up choosing.

After we moved in we got major snow and ever since it’s been way too cold to do outside landscaping. Our Spring project will include lawn, sprinklers, paving stones, gardens…etc.

shiplap prepFinishing Touches
I know I said lighting was my favorite, but all the finishing touches are so fun to see. Appliances are one of the last things to go in, however you’ll want to pick them out well in advance. Mirrors are hung, shower doors installed and final clean-up takes place. Just when you think you’ve vacuumed and cleaned the entire house top to bottoms you have to do it all over again and again and again. The dust from construction keeps settling and it takes a number of times to get the house clean. This is also when you go through the entire house and see if any trades need to come in to do any fixes/touch ups.

Final Walk-through
In order to get your occupancy permit you’ll have a final inspection for the bank. CHEERS ~ You can move in!


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