My Celebrity Crush ~ The Naked Chef

When we got married all of a sudden we were the ones buying groceries, which meant the house was stocked with everything we liked. After gaining unwanted weight, we realized we needed to start eating healthy, but didn’t truly understand what that meant. Lucky for me I had the pleasure of learning from co-workers who were gluten free, whole food followers and even a raw chef.

Learning to eat “healthy” is a gradual process and not something you’ll fully understand over night. Reading books such as Fast Food Nation or The Omnivores Dilemma is a great start. Becoming educated on what is actually good for you and what isn’t is really important. I mean potatoes are vegetables so you can eat a lot of them right? Wrong.

So what does eating healthy mean for me? Eating real food. It’s as simple as that ~ no artificial flavors, minimally processed food, no gmos and very little sugar. Eating healthy 90% of the time and not so healthy 10% of the time. Never dieting, but turning food choices into a lifestyle.

Eating real food doesn’t have to be more difficult or more expensive. (After reading my blog title here’s what you’ve been waiting to read about… haha) My ultimate favorite chef is Jamie Oliver. I’ll be the first to admit I have a slight crush on him. Clearly not in a romantic way, you know I’m head over heals for my husband. All you have to do is watch a few youtube videos and start cooking with his recipes and you’ll understand why. Jamie Oliver is a British chef, known for his television series The Naked Chef. He helps you transform unhealthy eating habits and breaks recipes down by using fresh, whole food. Learning how to make fresh, healthy and affordable home cooked meals in minutes. Who doesn’t want that?

Here’s one of my favorite Jamie Oliver recipes, which I’ve pictured above. It may seem like an odd combination, but trust me ~ SO DELICIOUS.

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