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Do you have a blog you’d love updated on a regular basis, but just can’t find the time? Maybe you’ve been wanting to take advantage of your fantastic e-mail list, but don’t know how to write or send out a newsletter. Hiring a ghostwriter get’s your story written, while retaining your name as the author. It’s been around for a long time and if writing isn’t for you maybe it’s just what you need to take your business to the next level.

By sending out newsletters and updating your blog you’re deepening the relationship with your readers/customers. Adding social media to the mix and you’ve built a wonderful platform, which encourages people to connect with you. By updating your blog on a regular basis you’re putting yourself at the top of search engine rankings. Google looks for websites that have new and updated content. Your website is also rated based on how long people visit. By creating valuable and interesting content on your blog, people will want to stay engaged. Not only will you gain new customers, but you’ll also maintain the ones who already love you.

I’ve written newsletters and blogs for boutiques and businesses specializing in lifestyle topics. A lot of people struggle with writing content for their website, in particular the About Me page. After asking a series of questions I’ll formulate the words for you.

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